David Koonar of Windsor, Ontario, is a name recognized by Canadian photographers and outdoor enthusiasts. He is a well-known photographer in Windsor, Ontario, and across Canada. Koonar is a well-known photographer and visual artist in Windsor, with conventional training and years of expertise.

Early Design Education

As a young photographer, David Kooner developed a design eye. For Kooner, photography was a way to capture the beauty and technical presentation of both man-made and natural design. While technology has evolved, Koonar's design-based photography has not. The beauty of simple photos, especially those taken in the field, still appeals to David. Some things are unreplicable by smart computer coding.

Imaginative Narratives

David Koonar, a Windsor-based artist, begins with stories. The finished product is only as good as the background, scenario, and plot that goes into it. Koonar is often in the right place at the right time to record and preserve the story. David Koonar's work on Instagram and other social media platforms exemplify this skill. Not surprisingly, with millions of views, a loyal following, and a regular stream of stunning new work, David Koonar is in high demand for new photographic projects.

It's all about mechanical know-how.

One of Koonar's favorite topics to discuss with aspiring photographers is technical skills. A Windsor native, David Koonar, prefers to manage his camera manually rather than relying on presets. For best results and photo quality, he gains essential skills, understands the impacts of various settings, and chooses when to utilize them. Photographers, according to Koonar, must have this level of understanding to call themselves photographers. A professional photographer can produce consistently high-quality photographs by manually altering camera settings rather than depending on a computer's usually inaccurate auto-setting options.

A Look Ahead:

As predicted by David Koonar, technology will continue to give great tools unimaginable just two years ago. Meanwhile, he expects that as technology advances, fewer photographers will be able to operate their cameras manually. Photojournalism isn't going away overnight, Things are changing rapidly. A big gap exists between individuals who master the manual use of a camera, like David Koonar of Windsor and those who only punch buttons. This will be obvious in the photographs, according to Koonar.

Despite having a studio in Windsor, Koonar continues to work on his craft there, surrounded by nature. Even if it's simply for the challenge, Koonar continues to amaze with his lens and viewfinder.